Engineer Charles Zhou


Product development and manufacturing

20 years of experience in computer, networking and electronics industry. Fluent in Mandarin and English. Familiar with global outsourcing, OEM, ODM, and CM process. He has managed many successful products from concept to mass production. His work experience ranges from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

Industry Experience

NengTech Inc. 2009-Present, Owner Global sourcing and CM manufacturing, IP and ODM management. One area of expertise is to American companies to find better ways to design and manufacture advanced technology and consumer products, including process development and contract manufacturing.   JDSU 2007 – 2009, Advanced Communications R&D Manager Working with CTO to understand technology trends and standards, generate product roadmap. Demonstrate advanced product capabilities.   Picolight Inc. 2002-2007, R&D Manager Team lead for the engineering group. With my contributions to product development, the startup turned into a data communications powerhouse. The products we made were dominating in innovation and quality, they were used by world-class companies such as Google, IBM, Huawei, Cisco. The company was acquired by JDSU in 2007. I have also made significant contributions in outsourcing, process development, and contract manufacturing.   Infineon(Siemens) 2000-2002, Advanced product development.   Samsung/API 1997-2000 IC design and system engineering. We made the world’s first copper interconnect CPU.   


The University of Texas Austin, Electrical and Computer Engineering – Ph.D. 1992-1998 University of Science and Technology of China – BS of Physics and Engineering 1986-1991   


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