Software Specialist Jeff Buske
GENERAL Electrical engineering and software specialist in the development and technical leadership of products from concept to customer. Experience in resource planning, budget process, scheduling, contract negotiations, intellectual property, customer relationships and technical decision and all phases of the development process. Interacts with the technical community in understanding complex problems, proposing solutions, and execution. My experience with consumer, medical, industrial product development and Mfg. often brings unique perspectives to solve challenges. Ability to interface between marketing, development, test, software/hardware designers, service, field representatives, vendors, and manufacturing.
EDUCATION Milwaukee School of Engineering-Electrical Engineering (BSEE 1985) Milwaukee, Wisconsin GENERAL – Various education courses on embedded processors made by Texas Instruments (MSP430), Cypress (ARM-M0-M3/ PSOC, 8051), ST Micro and others. TI/Unitrode power devices Seminars, Mathematica, MATLAB, Visual Sim, Advanced National Instruments Lab View, and Test Stand Training. RF-circuit design (UC Metro Denver), digital controls (UC Denver), SPICE circuit simulation, Altera Quartus Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) classes.
2003 – Present
Product development Consultant to Platinum Technology Group on; Patent Project work for Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin, P.C. in electronic, software, apparatus and mechanical patents. Image recognition, digital RF signal processing, compression and signal extraction analysis experience. Lead technical engineer for development projects on medical, industrial and wireless devices and systems. Role included leading the technical efforts of engineers and technicians interfacing to peer groups such as service, manufacturing, marketing, product test, OEMs of hardware. Directly involved with future strategy, implementation of new features, engineering changes, field and customer support, and contract negotiation.
2010 – 2014


Project development manager responsible for Rocky Flat Gear, X-ray protective/privacy garment product concept, patent, trademark applications, marketing, manufacturing process design, packaging design, and international shipping. Responsibilities were business planning cost analysis, pricing, business web page e-commerce development, day to day operations. Design of marketing materials, technical articles, media contact radio, print and TV interviews press releases.

2009 – 2010 Rocky Mountain Bio, (Wheatridge, Colo) (Contract)
Designed and fabricated a patent pending pre-production prototype high-intensity RF magnetic (27Mhz/ISM) based homo-dialysis system in 7-months, help draft the FDA 510K, and the system received FDA approval.
Project Engineering Manager responsible for various areas including initiation of laser printer program, including all business planning, cost analysis, pricing, business case justification and team leader on code and hardware development. Management of code and hardware development on 6252 Impact Printer on all aspects of system interface controller, motor control code, power supply, electronic packaging from design to shipment including cost, warranty, maintenance etc.
2005 – 2008 DEVELOPMENT ENG. Advanced Cosmetics Intervention (Denver, Colo.)
Designed and wrote LabView based 1KW tissue ablation and data acquisition system for Colorado-based ACI (Advanced Cosmetic Intervention) 2006-2008. The electronic botox replacement product became an FDA approved device that is currently in use. Now being adopted for migraine headache treatment.
2004 – 2005 SOFTWARE ENGINEER Otologics (Boulder Colo.)
Designed and wrote National Instruments LabView, Test Stand based test code for an ultra low power DSP based implantable hearing aid. Employed a novel Pseudo-random signal test signal to test frequency response to reduced test time and enhance measurement accuracy.
2003 – 2004 DESIGN ENGINEER ONLINE Power Supply (Denver, Colo.)
Contributor to the patent, design, development, and validation of an ultra-efficient and compact 1KW/48-volt AC/DC converter. Design contributions were primarily in safety and protection circuits, Wrote 150-page US patent(s)incorporating the novel aspects of the product.
1998 – 2010 SENIOR ENGINEER Platinum Technology Group
Independent electronics product development consultant. Lead Technical Engineer for Development Projects on medical, industrial and wireless devices and systems. Role included leading the technical efforts of Engineers and technicians interfacing to peer groups such as Service, Manufacturing, Marketing, Product test, OEMs of hardware. Directly involved with future strategy, implementation of new features, engineering changes, field and customer support, contract negotiation, customer briefings, and interfacing, etc.
1995 – 1996 DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER Timberline instruments, Boulder, Colo. (contract)
Project lead successfully organized, designed, and delivered a microprocessor based (MC6812) gas chromatograph pressure controller using Proportional-Derivative Integral (PID) control exceeded accuracy specification by 20x.
Contracted to save industry first ultrasonic nebulizer product from looming FDA recall, correct variable performance and implement Mfg test. Designed a rather novel optical nephelometer to measure product performance letting designers and final test measuring output in real time. Executed failure analysis effort and design changes that resulted in an 80% reduction in warranty returns in seven months stopping the FDA product recall. Simultaneously implemented a design modification costing less than $0.05 correcting a transducer impedance mismatch issue, increasing product performance by 120-175%, resulting in a number of personal thank you letters from Asthma/COPD customers.
1988 – 1990 SOFTWARE Eng. VacTec System (Boulder Colo.)
Wrote an advanced vacuum control process program that became part of a patented multi-million dollar vacuum coating product line. Did field installs of new systems, trained customers on system operation and implemented product safety enhancements.
Designed and installed innovative tire building control process programs that have to learn features using rather simple Modicon Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Designed and implemented a novel process system to control rubber viscosity for a 1000# Banbury mixer saving millions of $ out of specification product.
1981 – 1985 TEST ENGINEER GE Medical Systems (Milwaukee Wis.)
Quality/Test Engineer lead test engineer for first commercial Digital Radiography and MRI/NMR systems. Intimate knowledge of X-RAY generation, table controls, detectors, image amplifiers, digitizers, DSP and high-performance video systems. Responsible for design for the test including printed circuit boards, component test, ATE and functional test. Responsibilities included defect analysis, initialization of acceptance criteria, FDA inspections, GMP compliance, problem resolution coordination with design organizations throughout GE, Mountain Medical, General Motors (GM) and others.
RECOGNITION Co-inventor U.S. 9,283,031 Ablation apparatus and system to limit nerve conduction co-inventor U.S. Radiation shield with indication layer. Pat Pending co-inventor U.S. 9,168,091 Patent Nerve ablation system co-inventor U.S. Patent golf game system (pub# 20050272496)Co-inventor Geographic information database engine (pub# 20050288836)Co-inventor U.S. Pat. Non-saturating Magnetic ConverterCo-inventor U.S. 6,952,355 Patent Intelligent OscillatorCo-inventor U.S. 6,188,704 Laser Controller PatentCo-inventor U.S. 5,234,561 Coating Process PatentProfessional Engineer Wisconsin Lic# E-26141Private Pilot Single EngineMember IEEE 007541212