Export goods, not factories

I say Congress and the president should declare factories national treasures, like historical sites, not to be moved out of the country without a proper review. Had this been done, we wouldn’t have the trade deficit, national debt, tax burden, unemployment and social problems we now have.Apparently there are no restriction to protect the few factories left. CEOs who outsource offshore are, in the long run, disloyal to their workers, community, country and their own families. Karl Marx’s observation – that capitalists for a profit would sell rope to a hangman that eventually would be used to hang them – appears credible. China – the biggest recipient of foreign factories – takes them in while putting U.S. taxpaying competitors out of business. In many cases, buyers are forced to look outside the USA because we’ve lost the plants and skills to make products.Unless we save our manufacturing, I predict that in due course China will replace the USA as the most powerful nation on Earth. That monster hydroelectric dam being built is not ust to make toys. The current 72-cent-an-hour average wage is bait to lure foreign industries. Note how well it works by the American-name products made in China.Temporary high profits and low consumer prices at the expense of domestic jobs is like endless quick drug fixes that eventually destroy the user. Normal profits, wages and prices from a fair share of domestic plants are the way to go. Free trade shouldn’t mean uncontrolled exporting of factories; a service economy doesn’t fill the gap.

Profit-motivated free-trade globalization would work if properly controlled. Begging China to up-value its currency (by how much?) to make our goods cheaper, theirs more expensive, is inflationary undermines confidence in the dollar, won’t bring the factories back and won’t stop new ones from moving there. Plus, they don’t tolerate being told how to run their country and so can be quite dangerous.

Stanley Blumenthal is a resident of Sunrise.

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