Rick defends small software firm from public firm

This economy has caused an increase in litigation. The firm has just settled a trademark lawsuit. The firm defended two software companies from patent infringement lawsuits brought in Texas.

Rick’s extensive patent prosecution work since 1985 allows him to thoroughly examine a litigant’s pre-issue and post issue statements which can narrow claims considerably under the doctrine of file wrapper estoppel. The firm does some patent contingent lawsuits.

The firm has the in-house resource of Rob Birt to produce economical trial audio-visual aids.

Rob offers 15 years experience in the field of Visual Communications and Design, including projects in video, web design, print, illustration, logo design, branding, corporate identity, brochures, marketing materials, industrial design, and patent drawings. Rob does patent drawings and offers other creative development projects such as corporate artistic logos to encompass the visual look and appeal of your startup company.

Having this creative source available at our offices may help your project reach its maximum potential when it hits the market. The consistency of your brand and identity is an integral part of your invention’s launch to the public. To see creative work samples from Rob Birt, go to www.robbirt.com

Also new at our office is Carter Gilmer, registered patent attorney, mathematician, 20 years systems engineering and programming work experience.

Rick has counseled over 2000 inventors and written 1000+ patents since 1985.

For growing businesses, we utilize Rick Martin’s span of high tech marketing, licensing and deal-making experiences dating back to 1967. Before entering law school at age 38, Rick sold, designed and installed over $20 million of computer systems for manufacturers, distributors, bankers, and government agencies. Our clients brainstorm with Rick on overall company strategies including joint ventures, mergers, royalties, financing, pricing, prototyping, trade show presences, packaging, importing, and key employee retention.

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