Vegetables Replace Crankcase Oil

Rick Martin, registered patent attorney, is shown on the cover prematurely adding Bio 25/30 raw materials into his new Chevy Suburban. Rick is a businessman's patent lawyer helping Agro Management develop sales and licensing strategies to launch a radically new product into the conservative automobile and oil industries.

International “try and see” licenses, complex patents, and roll up your sleeves sell it to a Colorado city's fleet of snow plows for a winter workup (under the Governor's scrutiny) are all part of a day's work for Rick.

Agro Management Group, Inc., of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has recently developed the world's first commercially viable 100% vegetable oil based engine lubricant. Today 60% of America's fresh water stream pollution comes from discharged engine oil lubricants. Furthermore, all forest fire fighting chain saws spew tons of polluting oils into America's virgin forests. Train track lubricants dump tons of oil pollutants into America's underground fresh water aquifers.

Agro's canola-oil based Bio 25/30 and related lubricants can eliminate all this pollution. But what negative effects will it have on your car? None! In fact, two years of testing show engines running 10% cooler and burning far less oil. Better yet, air pollution drops 16 to 44% using Bio 25/30.

Agro Management Group, Inc., received initial funding through the USDA/AARC and the United Soybean Board.

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