Where have 100,000 local jobs gone?

Wal-Mart gets most of its products from China and has had over 50 patent theft lawsuits against it at once. IBM just sold its PC business to China. Corporate multinationals have gutted the U.S. patent system by killing the doctrine of equivalents, limiting the plain meaning of claims resulting in about half the patents litigated being invalidated. One top patent judge is quoted as saying our top patent court has created a blueprint for foreign copyists (to pluck ideas from Colorado inventors). Recently the entrepreneur’s patent fees were increased by 25%. This money is siphoned off the Patent Office to help pay for the deficit. Organized U.S. corporate theft of American ideas is aimed at destroying America’s middle class in exchange for giant wealth concentration by elite corporate shareholders. In spite of all this, we fight the good fight for over 1,000 entrepreneurs.

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