Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin, P.C. - Florida Location

Over the last 30 years, Rick Martin has written over 1,000 mechanical, electrical, and software patents. With extensive experience in all phases of intellectual property law, Rick has the knowledge and experience you need for all your patent needs. In patent litigation, the firm just won a Summary Judgment with $130,000 of attorney fees against Knobbe Marten Olsen & Bear.

Recent Patents

Here are just a few of the patents Rick has helped area inventors to obtain

Automatic Telephone Call Bridge into a Queue

Inventor Andrew Valiente successfully received this patent on June 26, 2018. Customers calling the EnQ System take the place of the EnQ robot calls and skip the hold time. To learn more, view the full patent: Software Patent No. 10,009,467 B1.

Forward Propelled Hover Board

Brandon Robinson invented the Forward Propelled Hover Board in Fruitland Park, Florida. This invention allows the user to be propelled above the surface of the water, giving the illusion of hovering on an airborne surfboard. For more details, view the full patent: Patent No. US 9,440,714 B2.

Interactive Media Display

This media display apparatus was invented by David Gothard in Naples, Florida. It capitalizes on the capabilities of modern, interactive media technology by combining a digital display system and touch screen-type transactional system. View the full patent: Patent No. US 8,717,316 B2.