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Nutron­ics, Inc., located in Long­mont CO, solves the nation’s most demand­ing prob­lems in laser prop­a­ga­tion through tur­bu­lence. Our work since 2007 has focused on address­ing the Nutron­ics Adap­tive Optics (NAO) Sys­tems Imper­a­tive , lead­ing to significant tech­nol­ogy developments in system solutions, phased-beam contorls, and Analytic and Diagnostic support.

U.S. Patent No. 8,076,624
The primary aspect of the present invention is to provide an adaptive optical system and an ultra-short temporal coherence length laser source to form a controllable focused laser beacon at a non-cooperative target. Another aspect of the present invention is the inclusion of a means to directly or indirectly maximize a sum or weighted sum of laser complex fields over the wavelength band in a coherent fashion.