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Drinking Post Waterer


Rick holds a new model of a horse watering fountain made by Drinking Post Waterer, Denver, Colorado. Even in hard times horses gotta drink. Several patents are issued and pending on improvements to this established product line. Rick is working to help keep small businesses protected from knockoffs in these shutdown times.

Secured Patent

Boomerang, LLC

Attorney R Martin Handing the Patent to the Boomerang guy

Rick Martin delivers patent protection to Chris Fischer of Boomerang, LLC. Located in Longmont, Colorado, Boomerang, LLC is a manufacturer of rear tire wheel protectors for Jeep Wranglers with central backup cameras. Rick also provides counseling for advertising and infringement.

Provides Patent Protection


Callenq filed a provisional software patent to protect several man years of software investment in developing a cool software app. After Callenq’s founder and CEO was forced to endure a tiring ordeal with the IRS, he decided to create a valuable service to save other from the same fate. Their software app cuts your wait time to call the IRS to minutes instead of hours or never.

Secured Patent

Triad Technology

Triad Technology received expedited Examination and then issue of their frozen atom technology. This technology is used to detect slight variations in the earth’s magnetic field. Triad Technology Group is a firm focused on matching potential employees with companies in the IT and engineering fields that have need of their skillsets. They are headquartered in Portland, Oregon but have offices in Denver, Colorado as well.

Secured Patent

Trimax Locks

Trimax is defending two patent lawsuits, and as of this writing (December 1st, 2018) Rick Martin has been able to successfully defend against the five patent challenges made. Also operating out of Colorado, Trimax sports “The World’s Toughest Locks”. They offer everything from tow hitches to on-car bike racks.

Successfully defended patent challenges

A telephone headset patented by a hometown boy does good, Al Silver. Al patented his idea and licensed it to several manufacturers. This licensing success is a great achievement for a solo inventor.

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Rockin' Keys

This Colorado-based startup firm resulted from a guitar playing teenager wanting to be stylish with his housekey. So he designed a dozen guitar and golf shaped keys and got design patents. Production is offshore. Ace Hardware and others carry the products.

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Carrier Access Corporation

The third Boulder-based Carrier Access Corporations (CAC) went public in 1998. Manufacturer of a switch functionally equivalent to those used by AT&T, it’s grown from a two-partner company in 1995 to its current 300 employees. Their switch, now sweeping the industry, has considerably reduced the downtime, as well as size and cost, of these switching devices.

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Blockit & Lockit Systems

Montana enterpreneurs at Blockit & Lockit systems designed, patented and manufactured overseas, a, anti-theft steering wheel device. Buy on on-line at or ask their help in overseas (Mexico, Pacific Rim) plastic and electronic product manufacturing. Joe and Paul can also assist in TV videos ad Internet marketing for a start up.

Secured Patent

MasterLube Industries

Kerry Melvin, an independent inventor, patented a pre-lube engine oiler,U.S.Pat.No.5,694,896. It reduces friction in a cold engine. Kerry has created a successful business manufacturing thousands of units in America. You can get all the information on their website.

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Rocky Mountain Instrument Company

Rocky Mountain Instrument Co., just recently had a successful private placement offering. This small Longmont firm has grown so much they’re breaking ground for an $8 million facility in Lafayette, Colorado that will employ hundreds. RMI’s success illustrates how small-town business experts like Martin can help create new jobs and fuel the economy when teamed with home-grown businesses like Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.

Secured Patent

Front Door Software

Front Door Software is a small software firm that markets itself as “The Essential Security App”. They do this by protecting your phone, your laptop or desktop computer, and even extending their security measures to protect you. In addition to security, they offer additional services such as helping you find a misplaced device. Front Door Software relies on Rick Martin for intellectual property protection.

Secured intellectual property protection

Patent Prosecution

Helium Barrier Atom Chamber

Triad Technology, Inc. of Longmont, CO received federal research funding. Our office applied for an accelerated examination at the clients’s request and we received a Complex Patent in only 18 months.

Secured a Complex Patent


Two months from filing to First Action all claims allowed for Callenq, this live robotic phone software system cuts an accountant’s hold time from hours to minutes in reaching the IRS.

Got first action claims

Dream Catcher Software

A total software patent allows programmers to cut time in designing complex new systems such as automating a hospital – No “Alice” 101 problems arose.

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