Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution is an important area of patent law that deals with the interaction between an inventor or creator and the patent office. These interactions are a necessary part of the process of filing an application for a patent. Successfully filing for a patent can help inventors protect an idea or invention by excluding others from making, using, producing, importing, selling, or offering to sell the idea in the United States. Patent protections are important for any creator or inventor to ensure that their idea, product, or invention is not used without their consent. It's important to note that patent prosecution is fundamentally different from patent litigation, which essentially describes the legal action relating to patent infringements. Patent prosecution will typically involve complex and time-sensitive communication with the patent office, which means that any inventor or creator that doesn't have adequate legal counsel for patent prosecution could be at risk over losing the property rights of their idea or invention. An experienced patent prosecution attorney can help ensure that all deadlines are met, all terms of the patent are clearly stated, and all communications with the patent office are carried out in a timely and organized manner.

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Over the last 30 years, I've worked on over 1,000 patents in the United States and internationally. I can work with you and your business to help ensure that your idea, invention, product, or service is protected throughout the entire application process. I can help you meet all of your deadlines, and streamline the communication process with the patent office to ensure that no small detail is ever overlooked. I believe in working with my clients, requesting their input along the way so that together we can outline an effective intellectual property strategy that can protect your immediate and long-term interests surrounding your idea or invention.

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What is involved with patent prosecution?

Generally speaking, patent prosecution is a term used to describe the process of obtaining patent protection of an idea, invention, or design. While the entire process can sometimes be complex, basic patent prosecution typically involves these steps:

  • Developing a strategy to protect your intellectual property.
  • Developing a claim that can define your idea or invention.
  • Preparing the appropriate patent applications that can be submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Creating drawings and other images that meet USPTO specifications for the design or invention.
  • Filing the final patent applications with the USPTO.
  • Arguing your case for why your invention or design should be eligible for patent protection.

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