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Rick Martin’s Sample Patents

Pat./Pub. No. Comment
8757552 Space based weapons of mass destruction. Rick Martin is the inventor.
8853604 Target feature integrated laser field conjugation system
8575528 System and method for coherent phased array beam transmission and imaging
8546748 Helium Barrier Atom Chamber
7361074 Look ma no batteries!
7236341 All of Lightning Eliminator’s patents done by Rick.
7209320 Disk drive advances from China.
7153167 Ideawerks is licensing its technology.
7011171 Reconnaissance robot patent formed basis for company takeover by large firm/
6997848 Transmission
6936145 Cathodic arc process time shortening improvement
6798374 Decatur is a leader in police radar.
6797928 Ted Pella, Inc. is a leader in cell processing
6741933 GPS systems protected by systems manufacturer advanced tracking tech.
6684948 IEP attracted millions in investment for leading edge shale/oil processing.
6656494 Rick is also an inventor of downhill ski bindings.
6632846 Rentech went public with 18 of the firm’s patents.
6630876 Custom microwave sends instruments into space protected by Ricks’s patents.
6601616 Challenger Mfg. Licenses its patents.
6560528 ICT protects its fuel injection engine controller.
6531430 Argo Management crank case oil made from vegetable oil.
6508058 Heavy Equipment Controller.
6502463 A sample of federal labs using Rick for high tech research patents.
6313436 Thermark attracted millions in venture financing for marking systems.
6290740 S Squared protects its manufactured systems.
6281098 Process for Polycrystalline film silicone systems
6272025 Online Power’s patents were bought by a larger firm.
6199415 Blockit & Lockit anti-theft devices protected.
6160835 Rocky Mountain Instruments protects its laser systems.
6144736 Carrier access Corp. went public in 1998, grew up to 400 employees.
5911884 Avante Water & Ice protects its water purifier systems.
5901554 University of Colorado Space Engine.
5867379 University of Colorado Electronics.
5722982 University of Colorado Eye Surgery.
5655520 Medical equipment licensed.
5587534 Licensed Federal lab pipeline leak detector.
5527223 Skycoaster’s two core patents have been sold twice, written by Rick.
6083110 5655909 Skyventure has been sold based around Rick’s patent.
5483161 Spy Stuff.
5390668 Pulmonary Data sold to larger firm.
5304043 Air Compressor.
5265268 Meritech’s patents bought by larger firm.
7594473 scary ride!
7258093 Internal Combustion Engine
7708232 Railroading made safer
D691795 Waist Belt Carrier
D716131 Classic Guitar Key
D691022 Baseball Key
6653494 Rick is also an inventor.
11169553 Railroading made safer.
11291710 Internal combustion engine.
11158731 Identity theft software.
7011171 Big firm buys robot patent.
11419170 Scary Ride!
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